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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
If people were only angry about worthwhile things than we'd have a more peaceful world no point hoping for that at this point
Never said anything about hoping for a peaceful world. I was trying to tell Insane that he should get his priorities straight.

There are plenty of objective things in the world, but whether SAO is a mediocre series isn't one of them. Not to mention that mediocre is such a vague and pointless standard to apply in the first place.
You can analyse any art form in an objective way. It doesn't have to be distinctly good or bad for that. If you believe expression can only be criticized from a subjective point of view, then you're quite mistaken.

SAO, without taking anyone's opinion in consideration, is a show of mediocrity. Even if it's a vauge term it's the simplest way to say it.

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