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Originally Posted by Zeriand View Post
My girlfriend is in a coma. I have no idea when she's going to wake up. I have no idea what's keeping her down. I've heard of a scientific cure that might help but it's 3000 miles away. It sounds fishy, but because I love her so much I'm going to make the travel anyway, and while I'm at it I'm trying to take it easy because it would've been bad if I'm so worried that I become sick myself. Is that really so hard to understand? Or even imagine?
Your analogy is absolutely not the same: Kazuto has a time limit, which is the marriage. Since he has no means to stop it due to his position towards the Yuuki family compared to Sugou, waking up Asuna is the only option left to him, especially that at least he can reach her before being seperated for good (assuming he can't stop the marriage even if she wakes up, which is kind of dubious).
You also have the factor that Sugou was not remotely subtle in his antagonized presentation, to which Kazuto responded strongly before being stopped cold due to Sugou's "trump cards".

There is a vast difference between trying to get a cure, and racing against time and preventing something that shouldn't occur.
It is even more obvious when Kazuto is -that- infatuated with Asuna, considering he went as far as trying to reach her the moment he woke up from SAO, despite his physical condition.
And he didn't even expect to make it within that time frame, All because of the picture of a girl in a bird cage that looks like Asuna. No zeal? When you're willing to gamble a possibility that sounds less likely than a voodoo curse for the sake of your loved one, I'm calling that one helluva zeal there.
Making such decision has to be presented with a mindset and actions that -portray- such determination. Whereas the task has obvious huge odds against him, he still took this path, hoping to reunite with Asuna, YET he is incredibly no different than usual and just take it easy -despite- the time limit.
In SAO arcs, even if it was sometimes not so well portrayed, Kirito was trying to stay away from other people, and kept his resolve in beating the game, even if he sometimes indulged himself. At the very least, until he got "sidetracked" with his romance, beating the game was tangible, while in ALO arc, it is hardly something he is taking seriously. Quite contradicting.
And oh yes, of course the sense of loss and despair would not cause you to think a lot of unnecessary and actually unrelated things. I'm sorry, I'm the kind of weakling human who couldn't help but mumble a million reasons and excuses and I don't know, my own uselessness when I lose something important. I can't help but compare myself to the competitor who didn't even need to blink an eye and beat me totally at exams. I'm just human, you know, do you really need me to spell this out for you? Do you even need to question how sane I am when I'm crying the heck out of my eyes?
With all due respect, please spare me the victimizing speech: being human or not, it isn't like your reasoning should be applied within the same circumstances.
If he was just like what you described, not even Suguha's words would have any effect on him. Actually, it was a very rare moment of weakness, and he went full throttle, taking all his chances to fight against the odds. So no, I don't buy the "booo, I'm so unworthy, Sugou is a better husband than me for asuna!" thing.
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