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It is, I repeat, completely different. Context one, save girlfriend from coma death. Context two, stop girlfriend from marrying creep. COMPLETELY different. From the moment Kirito woke up it was FIRST priority to wake Asuna up, and it has been two months since then. His motive HAS NEVER CHANGED, Sugou's unexpected marriage proposal was simply an extra boost in motivation. Regardless of whether Asuna gets married or not, IT MEANS NOTHING IF ASUNA DOESN'T WAKE UP. Please please PLEASE don't equate the two things together, it's like trying to force merge the main objective and optional objective together and call them main optional objective. PAINFUL to read.

And Kirito wasn't sure whether Asuna is the girl in the bird cage. There's no saving Asuna from virtual, there's only confirming whether girl in bird cage is Asuna. If confirmed, THEN it's save Asuna from virtual.

EDIT: And by the gods, yes, the time limit's a motivation, yes, it would suck horribly if Asuna gets married to the creep, and to stop that he has already taken the crazy step of waltzing into a VR game again in search of a distant possibility of meeting Asuna. If this was Kirito right after he woke up from SAO then yes, he would charge a million miles to find a speckle of chance at recovering Asuna. This is goddamn two months after his rehabilitation, where he was constantly chided by all sides to take it easy.

And apparently Kirito is such a god even in his rare moment of weakness, he ain't allowed to temporarily compare his own status to Sugou's and question whether he's truly suited for Asuna. And note that I was talking about that one moment of weakness.
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