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Originally Posted by Zeriand View Post
Oh, and what were you guys saying again, that you're not feeling the urgency in Kirito to save Asuna?

It took a while, but I've made my point. Even if there were minor mindset reasons I don't agree with.
Exactly that: there is none in the ALO arc, past the initial start.
If you were to take the period where Kazuto creates ALO kirito, and removes ALL Asuna/Sugou scenes, it is basically a "merry adventure in the land of fairies", with a single instance where Kirito is hellbent to reach the world tree (when he discusses with Leefa about how to reach it).
No really, kazuto's objective and motivations are quite clear from the get go, but these are -not- reflected by his behaviour and actions taken in ALO. And that's the major gripe I have with this arc, since he is more like having fun than really driven by his wish to reunite with Asuna.
Again, let me get straight: Kazuto goes completely wrecked by Sugou, but then have his glimpse of hope and goes fullforce to follow his only lead. But once he is in ALO, it became a complete different story.

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