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Right. Let's see. He shows a hint of darkness saying that there's someone that he must save no matter what to Leafa, which was a complete stranger at that time. Is not considered sign of urgency. Hmm. Now let's check again whether there's anything he can do until he reaches the World Tree. Mm, nothing. Sugou and photo, big motivation, a real hope, so I'm not going to feel down and do my best to save Asuna. Signs to be strong and keep a motivated front interpreted as signs of no urgency to save Asuna. Hmmmm. Let's double check other things. Time frame, about two days. How far they've made it to the World Tree? Much further than Leafa had expected. Still not signs of urgency. Apparently Kirito cannot enjoy good progress and must lament and cry that they're not doing a good enough job travelling. Now the last one, Kirito sidetracked and stuck his foot into Leafa's business. Leafa's a friend, Leafa's trouble would happen in about 30~45 minutes away, and since my beloved is in danger I absolutely cannot spent that tiny amount of time to help out a friend and should just leave her instead.

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