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I liked that first episode, too. As Guardian_Enzo says, very atmospheric. It took a while to get used to the character design, but I finally realized how good it was. The contrast of less detailed figures with more detailed backgrounds was interesting.

And the voice-acting had me rushing to identify the voices. Loved the voice of Koiwai Kotori (Kigurumi Haroukitei in Joshiraku; photos) as the Hair Queen. Powerful moe and emotionally authentic at the same time. And also 20-year-old Hanae Natsuki (Wien in TariTari) as Kiri.

His unaccountable slowness to use his own scissors was part of the emotional structure of the piece. Of course we would be frustrated by it, and then when he eventually did use them, our relief and joy would be greater. Or at least mine was.

This relates to my feeling that anime does myth better than realistic story. There was something hieratic -- like a priestly ceremony -- about the way he gradually came to do the deed. If this had been more realistic, it might have been difficult to make her sudden accession of love feel right. And the girl and her keepers were less like ordinary humans than like minor deities of some kind: one vulnerable, the others dangerous.

Now, if we just go on to have them defending themselves from evil episode after episode, this might get old for me. But it has started well.

By the way, director Yamaguchi Yuuji directed another weird show I liked very much: Touka Gettan. That starred two young seiyuus, too: Hayami Saori in her debut, and Ise Mariya in an early role.
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