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Originally Posted by uragayduck2 View Post
i just finally found out why i was having such a hard time in story mode when i first started playing. apparently, they felt the need to hack off 1/3 of your life bar versus the full bar that your opponent gets. that sucks very much if you're trying to not lose a round and finish off with a full drive if you heard about the awesomeness of Material L and are trying to unlock her.
If you use custom skills, you get less health.
all i have to do right now is finish every character's arcade mode to unlock their character views. there's was one thing that i was trying to figure out that i haven't seen yet. when in Fate's character view, one of her voice samples has her saying "Saber Slash" which i have not seen yet. i'm guessing it's a move, but i haven't been able to do it yet. anyone know how it's done?
I've been wondering that myself. Probably one of the cross range combos that I don't use.

And can't be arsed to use. w

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