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Scans of the art book that came in the Lyrical Box where?

Vita's route is still my favourite. lolol, Zafira and Reinforce.
mmmmm, the art book isn't all that great. it's basically 2 pages dedicated to each character with a brief history and some screen shots from the game. also a full sized character portrait in said pages, but that's about it. i dig the cover though since it's an enlarged version of the game cover.

and yes, Vita's route was the best story wise and the funny moments. i think Zafira had a similar incident in his route but with Shamal as the one who got confused.

Originally Posted by LVD View Post
So before I go even more off-topic, anyone else lol at I think the last three sound files for Fate in the character model thing? 8)

And I just saw a picture of the Bind Breaker thing. That's scary. ._.tokuten = in-store promotions, basically extra stuff you get if you buy something.

Fate oppai mouse pad is from Gamers. The clear file is from AmiAmi.
hmmm, were the last 3 sounds really laugh worthy? i think it was more of a "aww, cute" more than "bwahaha" funny. then again, i can only remember the last one since it's the one you hear her say all the time in all the series.

yes, Bind Breaker is definitely not safe to play outside where eyes can see. odd how Nanoha is in her first season barrier jacket since the game is based on the A's timeline. hopefully they'll throw in some StrikerS era Fate then all will be fine without the guiltiness ( ^ _ ^ )

that mouse pad is dangerous and needs to be kept away from me
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