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mmmmm, the art book isn't all that great. it's basically 2 pages dedicated to each character with a brief history and some screen shots from the game. also a full sized character portrait in said pages, but that's about it. i dig the cover though since it's an enlarged version of the game cover.
.... Really? Okay, not getting the box unless I can get mouse pad, which I most likely won't be able to~
hmmm, were the last 3 sounds really laugh worthy? i think it was more of a "aww, cute" more than "bwahaha" funny. then again, i can only remember the last one since it's the one you hear her say all the time in all the series.
12 - Faster! Stronger!
13 - Fate Testarossa, here I come!
14 - Thank you... Nanoha...
15 - Nanoha~

Yeah, lewd. Sorry, it's 3am and I should be sleeping. orz

.... *stays up to play with Material-L a bit*

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