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Originally Posted by mecharobot View Post
I am implying that otaku pandering is no one thing. It's not moe nor is it fanservice. It's an anime that is specifically made just for them to feel comfortable about themselves with all the familiar elements they like. Comfort food.
I get the feeling that anime has been that way since forever, but I'm just a latecomer. Could you mention a few titles that was not specifically made for specific audiences in mind? Sorry Relentless, this might came out as a list, but I'm really curious to what he has to say about this.

Also, I get the feeling that this is what Undertaker was saying all along: "otaku" shows have always been the bulk of anime shows, be it for a mecha-ota, idol-ota, ecchi-ota, chuunibyo-ota, or any type of anime. Which I agree to, and is why I think saying the anime industry has "degraded" or whatnot just because it doesn't appeal to one's own tastes is too subjective (as a few posters here have said repeatedly over and over again).
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