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Originally Posted by solomon View Post
Both reckoner and reckless flame make good points.

Everyone knows that the industry is hounding the otaku market, mainly because money is tight and it's a guaranteed revenue source.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with that.

That being said, personally, I see the type of shows that that audience is into is rather narrow.

Simply put there's very little made for non otaku audiences over the age of 18, at least from what I have seen. There fore I just haven't been following the stuff like I used to.

But whatever, it is what it is.
But this is what I'm talking about, the majority of these show aren't really aim toward otaku market because they were fan, they were aim toward them because they weren't originally fans.

Take most of the shows anti-moe had problem with. K-on, Lucky Star, A-Channel, Work, whatever, they were 4-koma seinen manga that was target to general, casual 20 + readers in the beginning. Hardcore anime/manga fans were not originally part of that group as they deem those manga to be too casual. (and truth be told those manga really isn't much more than gag strip comic ala Snoopy)

However, the industry was running out of source material to adapt and turns to LN and 4 K-oma seinen tsince they are popular to the general crowd.

Once they got adapted into anime, otaku market buys in as well as general non-anime viewers as well, which leads to increase sale of original manga and related merchandise.

On the other hand, seinen manga like Claymore who got adapted in anime didn't really boost the original sale as much because the ones who watch and buy the related product was the otaku market to begin with.

It's almost like JUMP series, ever since the string of hits in the 90s and emergence od big three, there are more and more shonen action got adapted to anime than ever before because of new market been tapped and old old market still buys into it.

The misconception here is still that most anime watch still convinced that Naruto, Bleach, FMA, OP are aim at 20+ when in reality they are target as 13-18, and everyone else was collateral damages.

Originally Posted by erneiz_hyde View Post
I get the feeling that anime has been that way since forever, but I'm just a latecomer. Could you mention a few titles that was not specifically made for specific audiences in mind? Sorry Relentless, this might came out as a list, but I'm really curious to what he has to say about this.

Also, I get the feeling that this is what Undertaker was saying all along: "otaku" shows have always been the bulk of anime shows, be it for a mecha-ota, idol-ota, ecchi-ota, chuunibyo-ota, or any type of anime. Which I agree to, and is why I think saying the anime industry has "degraded" or whatnot just because it doesn't appeal to one's own tastes is too subjective (as a few posters here have said repeatedly over and over again).

Originally Posted by mecharobot View Post
If you ask me, an otaku pandering show goes beyond that. Such anime will neither stress your mind or your emotions. It won't make the slightest effort to make the watcher get involved, or to care. The greatest innovation such shows will make is play with a trope, that was derived from another trope of a similar show, ad infinitum. Just so that it is easy to get while making sure not to wear the watcher on any level.

Now whether this is ingenious or not, I can't say.

Anyway. I've been derailing this thread with personal nonsense for too long. My apologies to the involved parties and for the inconvenience in general.

I'm outta here.
Than your view of Otaku is a misguided one, because if nothing else the only reason there are still some Super Robot around at wall was because of the same otaku market.

Watching Japanese veriety show will do you some good as most comedians are well-known Otaku and you can see endless manga/plamo/models in their house or references toward ACG world.

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