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Originally Posted by Thess View Post
Zen seemed to imply that his powers are messing up with him (that and Mykage).
I'm under the impression that his powers activated, for the first time, in Episode 11 when he turns himself into a beast, but then again he does have a *beast mode* in Episode 6 as well but he never repaired his Mithra with reversal in the past (he quite specifically stole a limb from another bot in the first two episodes, and he just gets owned by the Spada in his second showing). This is after Mykage's mind raping and, after this point, Kagura is quite clearly off his rocker. What I gather from Fudo is that, for Kagura, his now awakened power is really mucking with his head as he keeps flipping between hatred, love, concern, and violence towards Mikono. Just follow the many expressions and emotions he seems to go through in this last episode (13) with regards to Mikono.

I cannot think of much else that his powers can really do to him.
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