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Actually he hasn't demonstrated any violence toward Mikono. Only those who would keep her from him. He says he wants to kill her but I thought it was clear that he says the opposite of what he means.

Oh the look on his face when she rejected him was a mix of confusion and pain

I melted. "I am going to crush you in my arms forever" does that really sound like a psycho killer ? He says the opposite of what he means because of "Reversal"

So when he says "I'm going to stick my fangs in you smelly woman" he truly means

" Yo Boo..Your scent is driving me crazy and when I get my hands on dat ass, I am going to knock those 'walls' down!"

This episode actually gave him more depth and I think it's the first step to making him redeemable even if I always thought he was from the get-go
This was my impression too. His actions were the opposite of what he says.

Which made him hilarious. He was about to kiss her when Amata stepped in.

"Who would understand you after I die? Who else would march forward by your side?"
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