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Right, i have been trying to draw for over a year since i started college, before then i was rubbish , i would recommend NOT buying many how to draw books as they are a waste of time, maybe buy one but thats it, if i was you just get an experience with different style like you can get chibi and maybe shojo style and just keep drawing everywhere and anywhere, i get a train and always draw when im on it, its just you improve the amount of times you do that style/pose.
I just drew a sitting down pose and i can do it again but maybe a little better so you get an idea on what pose to draw and the proportions, i would suggest use guidelines for head and body to an extent some how to draw manga books take 30 mins just doing the guidelines just do a lose one which you can adapt to, also search any tutorials on youtube and such just the key point is keep drawing, maybe start with books from anime mags or manga then onto you own drawings.
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