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Suou was a construct held together by a meteor fragment. She was not really human or a contractor.

Shion created her.

His sister was killed in an assassination attempt against his father. His father tried to save his sister by turning her into a doll, i think. But her mother refused. So she ended up dead for good. Shion in the show is not undead, she's a different person from the original.

Shion made a copy of his sister using his incredible powers and used a meteor fragment to make it self aware and let it keep its memories.

Anyhow, she eventually manifested contractor like powers while under stress but these powers originate from the lense (the fragment) she wears on her necklace. One of her fondest memories was hunting with her father, using a rifle. So the meteor fragment manifested a PTRS sniper rifle for her since that was the only type of weapon she seemed to be very good with. She is a faux contractor. The meteor fragment summons her weapon and gives her the heightened senses so she can fight back. Her powers are different because the origin and source of them.

Both Hei and Suou are labeled as contractors but their powers and origins don't match those of others. They were kind of created by their siblings.

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