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Now that all the episodes about middle school is over, I think I know where it went wrong for me. They let us, the audience, knew about the heart transplant before Kakeru did. Normally this isn't a problem, but considering the reveal isn't in sync with the protagonist and the audience, plus the fact that there was a week break in between... well, let's just say I was detached with Kakeru's feelings to the point I wanted to slap him silly last episode. It just wasn't as powerful as I expected to feel, which is sad because if done differently they could've stirred 'big time' emotions.

Yeah, they messed up the execution (whether it be the anime's fault or the source manga I don't really care), but still I watch. Nana is just too much a pleasure every week and quite frankly, I'm more interested in her getting to play soccer than the current FC vs SC match up. Which is odd, because I always rather liked Adachi's staple regular team vs the underdogs in virtually every one of his mangas.

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