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Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
He's got that same weird disease Yugi from Yugioh does.

But this show's initial plot screams Touch and Cross Game to me. I swear to God that all the sports anime I like for some reason have someone important die at the beginning. Which is not why I like them, by the way. Suguru's death came as a complete surprise to me. I could have sworn that Kakeru's foreshadowing meant that they were going to be rivals (such as Suguru transfers and becomes his "enemy" or something along those lines), not that he would die. I know in hindsight it should not have been a surprise, but I didn't think they'd be so cliche as to have the same turning point as Touch and Cross Game in them. At least Touch and Cross Game had the excuse of being written by the same author, but unfortunately Area no Kishi doesn't.

Those little criticisms off my chest, I love this series to death already. It really seems like a great hybrid of Cross Game's drama/romance and Giant Killing's attention to detail.

Ugh, the wait between episodes is so unbearable... Blergh.... *dies*
That was exactly what I was thinking too when I first saw that episode. It made sense too, that Kakeru wasn't satisfied with what his brother was saying. So being rivals would have made it interesting. I guess making his brother die makes it so that Kakeru continue soccer with more passion and be that striker his brother always knew he'll be.
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