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Revenge is needed for Chloe shocking Horo enough to make her cry.

Henceforth, the Horo mask from the festival needs to follow Chloe around. Anytime she's alone, it must be there. Say, when she goes into her bedroom it shall be hanging on the inside of the door, or even better: hidden under the blankets so she won't see it right away. No matter where she leaves it, no matter how she tries to get rid of it, it must return and be waiting for her everywhere, grinning at her, haunting her. Driving her mad.

A pity that won't happen.

As for Chloe and her role in things, some people have said that she's actually been put in the place of a manga character, which suggests that the true story can still be followed even with her involved.

Horo wasn't quite thinking her best, getting angry at Lawrence. Sure, he didn't show up in person to rescue her and attack their enemies, but he's not a wolf. He fought for her using HIS weapons: diplomacy, cunning, blackmail, and did so quite effectively. You don't expect a stag to fight with tooth and claw: they use their antlers. Just the same, don't expect a merchant to fight like a soldier: instead he'll use the weapons he knows.

Adorable Horo is adorable!

I LOVE how she's all trying to define their relationship as pure business "I would have cried even if it wasn't you, don't misunderstand" and he goes along with it and she gives him that sad, abandoned look of hers:

"Isn't that unfair?"
"It's the special privilege of being female."
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