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Originally Posted by Angelsama
Another brilliant episode from the host club.

I was wondering what style of story could be told within the pool park, but i'm glad it was to do with Mitsukuni & Takashi, really good story - also, you gotta love being able to see more inside of Takashi. ^^

Nexted episode looks amazing as well.. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeach - and who's that with Haruhi on the bed? o.o
It's a surprise.

I couldn't resist so now I'm up to date with the manga.

But what a fantastic episode! I started cracking up from the start because of Haruhi. And I love when the tidal wave activated and when Honey kicked major ass while still acting the major loli. That was some hilarious stuff.

Tamaki was awesome as usual, I'm seriously beginning to think that he's related to Atobe of Prince of Tennis but even worse. The twins, lol, I think it's become an everyday routine to make sure 'daddy' is jealous and Kyoya - lolol.

And that small moment where Haruhi is happy when Mori called her with her name for the first time. So cute!
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