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Originally Posted by Drytchnath View Post
That little video snippet has alleviated a few of my fears surrounding the quality of the show in general. Hopefully it'll be consistent unlike shows like Blood+ were the 1st episode was absolutely beautiful but took a sharp dive in quality from ep.2 and just got progressively worse as the show dragged on.
Sorry but I fail to understand how can a trailer prove that the animation will be "consistent" if this anime hasn't even started airing yet. I guess it'd be wise to talk about consistency only after having viewed a good portion of this serie (like the first half of it) to be able to give such a bold judgement like that one, don't you think? The trailer was good, but we cannot really say that the quality will remain consistent (we can only hope on that so far) until we get to watch a good number of episodes. In any case I do hope it will be consistent, although I do also expect that some episode might possibly not have the same quality (it did happen with both Black Lagoon and Death Note already).
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