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Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Couldn't stop thinking about the Disgaea trailers after reading this.
I never saw this trailer...but I presume it's bad? Note that I said almost always. In my opinion, Sunrise too generally aren't the best trailer previewers around. Most of their short trailers aren't exciting, but they mostly deliver for most part. In comparison, I think Gonzo does awesome trailers, but half the time, the trailer exhumes more promise than the series itself.

Like I said, this Claymore trailer isn't exactly Dennou Coil, Bokurano or Darker than Black, which all gave a solid, strong idea on how the animation will look like consistently, a feel on how the series will work in execution and also the atmosphere of the series. It's not very impressive, but it gets the neccesary message of Claymore across, which is good at this stage.

Nice to see I'm not the only guy who thinks Red Eyes is sheer freaking awesomeness. Especially the part that showed how the manga got it's name. Badassery of Alucard proportions.
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