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Originally Posted by Joojoobees View Post
Plus, what I saw didn't really look like a trailer as much as a couple of random clips put together. Trailers are often edited to provide a single viewer experience (the trailer for Darker than Black is a good example).

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this title, but we really haven't seen anything to base an opinion on yet. It could suck, it could be pretty good, one could still hope for the best.

I think it is fair to say that the show has potential, and that nothing that has been released is conclusive that that potential will go to waste, but until we see a decent quality clip of reasonable length (with proper audio!) all we really have is speculation.
You saw an anime trailer. Uhhmm. That's an anime trailer, randoms clips with music from the show put over it. Uhmmm. Get with the times bro. Generally you hope by the end of it you can kind of piece something together, its usually a crapshoot, but more often than not I get good and bad vibes at the same time.

Me, I'm just checking up, I didn't like the preview chapter I saw of Claymore in Shonen Jump and am in no way interested in seeing any more of it in any form, but I'll do my usual information brokering and logical analysis when I can help.
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