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I really didn't see anything funny about that promo at all. Compared to the other 15 sec promo that was out (Darker than BLACK, Guardian of the Sacred Spirit) this definitely was rock bottom imo. Very little to no animation was involved. Not even a hint of the type of background music used.
No, in my opinion, it's just a show of KyoAni's originality when facing certain cliche's--every series has a 15 second promo featuring the badassest animation the studio can pay for, right? But what are we welcomed with now? A simple, unappealing 15 second promo where nothing happens, but, since it's something completely out of the standard (and since people know the standards of KyoAni, thus the message of the CM is transmitted correctly), it makes it up in terms of originality.

Of course, I'm not telling you "YOU MUST LIKE THIS CM!!!" or anything of the sort, but I'm just telling you which part of it most members (I presume) are seeing as original.

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