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Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
Heres hoping for a reunion of Ed and Winry... the ending of the movie left a horrible taste in my mouth.
And yet i thought it was fitting.
*isn't a EDxWinry fangirl*
What i didn't like was hawkeye being abandoned on the ground, what was that about?!
We did't even see if Roy came back to her.

And yeah cause of the anmie catching up so fast to the manga originally back in 2004, was the reason the anime went tangent, but it was still awesome.

I've not read the manga and im sure many others haven't either. So if this is a remake based soley from the manga (like hellsing ultimate) - please to take care on what you all say (this is to manga readers)

That means, people like me are vunerable to spoilers and since there's an entire story plot i've yet to see, it'd be a shame to find things out before it gets animated.
I wanna susbcribe and keep close track of this thread, but am semi in fear of someone saying something related from the manga ><;;;
(It was so nice when anime went tangent, meant no one could predict anything)

As for latest news from Japan, 9th April 2009, there will be a Hagaren Spring Festival with the VA's appearing as guest as well as chances to grab all kinds of merchandise, etc.
They're currently taking pre orders for the Ultimate collection set (TV series, movie, OVA + all VA singles)...was tempted to buy it but then already got movie collectors edition and its 300 of my moolah ($600)

I've yet to translate the rest of the details, but for those who can read Japanese, this is a website you'd wanna bookmark.

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