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Touken Ranbu Kyoden Moyuru Honnōji

The May 15 Osaka performance of the Touken Ranbu Kiden Ikusa-Yu no Adabana stage play announced that the first non-musical Touken Ranbu stage play, 2016's Touken Ranbu Kyoden Moyuru Honnōji, is inspiring an anime adaptation. The play follows Fudō Yukimitsu, the (anthropomorphized) sword that real-life legendary leader Oda Nobunaga received from his attendant Mori Ranmaru.

The play's director and playwright Kenichi Suemitsu (Welcome to the Ballroom) returns to oversee and write the series scripts. While the announcement did not specify the anime's medium or format, it teased that the anime's "broadcast window and other details" will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.
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