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Simon, Kamina, Yoko, Nia, Rossiu, Boota, Leeron, Kittan, Kiyal, Gimmy, Darry, Viral and LordGenome.

Simon and Kamina, self explainatory.

Yoko, despite me being a fan of pettanko, her character design is surprisingly good. She's the only huge breasted character I like.

Nia, one of the supporting pillars to make what Simon is. Definitely a lovable character, even if they had to 'sacrifice' Kamina for her slot.

Rossiu, most would think that he is a jerk. But hey, people think things differently and he has his ways of handling things within his own capability. Sure, he's weak and all, can't achieve crazy feats like Simon and the gang, but he tries his best regardless. Gotta love him too

Boota, cause he's Boota.

Leeron, I daresay he's the GARest gay character ever designed lol.

Kittan, cause he's equally as manly as Kamina, though he can't word things as good. Gotta give him some love, cause he is the only character to do Giga Drill Breaker, other than the main characters.

Kiyal, she's just plain cute. How can I not vote for her

Gimmy and Darry, they remind me of SRWOG's Arado and Seolla

Viral, cause he's just plain awesome. He's voiced by one of the most epic and GARest voice actors too.

LordGenome, undeniably the best ever 'good guy' turn 'bad guy' turn 'good guy' character lol. I just simply love him cause he is freakishly strong, and masculine. (Hell, he doesn't need his Lazengann to fistfight Simon in his Lagann)
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