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#1 - Kamina
#2 - Yoko
#3 - Simon

Dead Last - Nia

Honestly I never get the appeal of a character like Nia in any anime, the fact she replaces the EPIC KAMINA is just wrong. Shes has complete blind faith in Simon. Yes i know he did save her blah blah blah, but the next episode shes already saying stuff like "I have complete faith in my Simon", she barely even knows the guy. Shes a very one dimensional character(Yes im aware she questions her existence blah blah) whos basically there to make lolicon fans happy.

Kamina is just an obvious #1, no one is as epic as this man,

Yoko I thought was a great character, a strong willed female with a soft side, I'm always a sucker for that. I'm fully aware most people will disagree with Yoko being in the top 3 but hey this is my personal opinion. Sure she was designed for fan service but i liked her personality more then her looks. had great chemistry with Kamina, unfortunately after Kamina's death Yoko became a background character to accommodate the annoyance that is Nia.

Simon, at first I didn't like(I never was a fan of Shinji Ikari type characters) but he grew on me, I still don't like its his fault Kamina died but in a way, Kamina's death made Simon the man he is.
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