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Originally Posted by SJCrew View Post
I think Kittan and the others died rather appropriately. They died a noble death on the battlefield, so there's no point in trying to bring them back.

Nia, on the other hand, died to some bullshit technicality they decided to write into the story to make it seem more tragic. This series is not about tragedy and it didn't feel appropriate. That was a really bad move on Gainax's part.
I agree with Kittan's death being noble, but I can't attest to the others dying. A lot of them died for no reason. It was a bit ridiculous how many characters they killed in an episode.

I do agree that Simon was more of his own character before the timeskip, he actually kept the same personality and mindset throughout the whole first arc. At the same time though, I did like Simon in GAR mode, it brought back the manliness of the show. I'll be honest, he was pretty bad ass. I enjoyed it all regardless of the plot-holes in Simon's character.

Nia, Nia, Nia..... Such a failure of an ending in my opinion. They had no reason to kill her, it was such a stupid decision. The ONLY thing that was good was the final picture of Simon walking into the sunset. It gave me an amazing wallpaper
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