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Also, on a slightly unrelated note, they didn't even have to write Nia's death into the picture at all. I'm almost positive that if every human in the world was killed besides me, I wouldn't disintegrate into pixie dust. That shit was just retarded.
Well, the explanation for Nia's death was that she was a "virtual interface" created by the Anti-spirals so when they got destroyed, they were unable to support her existence anymore. Or smth like that. On other hand I'm also pretty sure that you can't rip holes in the fabric of space-time either ;D

I agree with Kittan's death being noble, but I can't attest to the others dying. A lot of them died for no reason. It was a bit ridiculous how many characters they killed in an episode.
IMO the only ones who died pointless deaths were the two idiots who rushed off to "save" the dude who got crushed anyway.

Pre-timeskip Simon had plenty of personality. He was a kid who liked to dig and struggled to find himself amidst the chaos of war. He had a lot of personal triumphs to overcome before he became the leader of Team Dai-Gurren. All of that went out the window as soon as he grew older; in everything he did, he had to be the cheesy selfless hero. It's like they completely robbed him of his personality. I'd say that's a pretty significant change.
Alright, let's be perfectly honest, this isn't the show where afterwards you're supposed to think "wow that was a great story." It's the kinda show where you're on the edge of your seat, fired up and hot blooded all the way. I'd prefer that to some NGE style "imperfect hero" any day. Admit it, at least you enjoyed it more than most other 'stuff blows up' movies xD (Transformers anyone?)
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