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Huh? It is not trivial in Macross, because the love triangle is the most important aspect in the story, not the subplot. The war plot, mecha and music are actually in fact the subplots. Didn't Kawamori said so?
The love triangle is essential to the overall storyline of Frontier, that's true, but it's resolution is not. At least not in the TV-series. The pivotal moment in the series is in ep 25 when the three way friendship/romance of Ranka, Alto and Sheryl expressed in song makes the Vaijra understand humans thereby turn around the battle and end the conflict. The final scene on the planet is just aftermath.

Frontiers last episodes set up a brilliant inversion of the DYRL finale. I find it quite grating that shippers often ignore that, so they can complain about Kawamori not letting their girl win Alto's heart. As if it's a random harem comedy. Ah well, rant mode off...

Anyway Macross has always been about three things: Valkyries, romance, and conflict resolution through music/songs. All three are needed to make it a true Macross show.
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