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Anyway Macross has always been about three things: Valkyries, romance, and conflict resolution through music/songs. All three are needed to make it a true Macross show.
Um. I agree, however, Word of God (Kawamori himself) said Macross should depict a "love triangle against the backdrop of great battles".

Resolution IS part of any good storytelling.

Would it be good storytelling if the plot was about the war and the series depicted what started it, how it executed it and then we see the ending credits before we know the outcome? No. Of course not. That's shoddy storytelling. It's obvious of why Kawamori wasn't pleased with Yoshino for leaving the triangle like that, when for him, Macross is a love story first.

The problem in the TV series was that there was NOT a resolution, not even OT3 as the phrase Alto said (you are both my wings) were not meant in a romantic sense.

It's like it ended with Frontier and the Vajyra staring at each others, still no certainty if there's ceasefire or they are at war. Had the focus be the battles (but it's not), would you think that's a proper ending?

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