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Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
i thought in that several times, but that guy need to be killed in the most cruel way possible.
I whole heartedly agree

Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
Hmm... when i read or watch this kind of manga, anime or movie i think that authors depict this kind of villains as a representation of how rotten the humanity NOW.

Call me retard but I found almost every human I encounter have his trait hahahahaha.
Once a dire situation strike, they start to think how to save them self by sacrificing others, or when they start wield a power or influence, they'll start to think how to make as much benefit as he can from that.

Homo Homoni Lupus (Human is a wolf for other human)

I'm a little sad that a lot of Japanese die in the recent Tsunami/Earthquake.
Hope no one among them is in my list of victim candidate
*stare at Kenjiro Hata-bastard name in no.1*
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