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Originally Posted by Mr.Kyon View Post
Zetsubou? Anyways, Touma won't take it well. As in, he will punch himself while Worst clings to him and tries to seduce him in his moment of weakness. Accel is angry he didn't get to that first and rages.
Hmm, im pretty sure it means "despair", you know dropping to his knees with his head in his head or shouting a great FUKOU DAAAAAA!!!!!
Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
No, it was mentioned only on SS1 that Accelerator moved to Nagatenjouki High School to be a facade for his GROUP business, still now with NT2 there is a high chance for Accelerator to move to Touma's unnamed high school.

Fanarts will come true!!?

BTW, I've read on some sites that in NT2 Index will ditch Touma after their meeting, will Touma go zetsubou at that? Will Mikoto try make some confidence on herself at last once in her life? Will Accelerator take advantage to be closer to his "ideal hero" to fill the "gap" on his mind?

Not so crazy theories everywhere!
Hmm, that might be why i was confusing it? Since its unnamed i may have assumed a bit too much?

And about Index ditching Touma, that sounds somehow likely in my mind, though not because shes angry but more like she feels guilty... Hmm, if i had to put it in to words... "making someone else feel the same pain as you..."<---- Though we all can agree that it wasnt intentional.

...On the other hand, i think its a bit early for spoilers so it may be just another likely theory?
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