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Originally Posted by xris
I'm sure that's a given and I can only assume those who haven't actually voted for Haruhi have been wearing their aluminium foil hats since the series started.

I've yet to vote (only seen the first two episodes so far) and as far as I can see Kyon is up there in my vote. I'll just have to make sure my own hat doesn't fall off so I can get down a vote free of any mind control.
You cannot resist "god's" mind control. Even if it's your own "free will", it's likely that it's influenced in some way beforehand.

(Good god! For an agnostic like me who normally doesn't believe in destiny, to suddenly preach religious nonsense about destiny vs free will, I must have been controlled! And for some reason, I am unable to delete this message! )

Anyway, Haruhi would not only will her to win this poll, she would will Kyon to take second spot. If anyone else besides Kyon ended up taking second spot, we can only pray to our goddess to have mercy upon our world.
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