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Originally Posted by Swampstorm
Season 2 is a little more serious than Season 1 - now that Eri has fallen for Harima, she's been doing a bit more angsting over him (for the time being, at least). That shot of Eri holding on to the fence with billowing hair always sticks out in my mind. It matches the song quite nicely.

There's a new ending song announced, though - perhaps this one will be more light hearted, to mark a change in tone in the series.
I agree about the Eri shot, it's the one that I always remember since the first time I saw it! Then again I would probably remember any Eri shot, even when she flicks her hair in the opening

New ending song, that sounds good, I could use another lighthearted one hopefully. The first season one was la la la la (Not Lala though!). Hmm I didn't realize there was a consensus that Eri had genuinely fallen for Harima. But I suppose the peak of that was the ep where they ran over him and she asked about his dating status. Since then it hasn't been shown explicitly. That was a great moment though, turning point. Oh, arguably the dance and bald scenes were flirtatious too. Circle dance was another great moment.
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