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Originally Posted by Truth-kun
But I surely miss the ED in season 1. Its a really funny song.
I'm more saddened by the loss of Scramble, though it was inevitable. I'd rather have a new OP than a new ED.

Originally Posted by Truth-kun
on the manga>anime vs anime>manga, since I'm a story person, I liked the manga better. Though the anime is really close to the manga, some important (Onigiri Faction Related) plots were discarded (Some parts of Volume 7 I think). Of course in the end, the anime can't up with the manga story wise, so if you really love the characters, better read the manga too. XD
I think there's a bit of additional Flag bias in the anime. Extra Flag scenes get tossed in, and a few Riceball and Anti-Flag scenes have been cut out. Overall, I think it's been a smoother ride for Eri in the anime. Not that I mind, of course.

Originally Posted by Shredder
Hmm I didn't realize there was a consensus that Eri had genuinely fallen for Harima. But I suppose the peak of that was the ep where they ran over him and she asked about his dating status. Since then it hasn't been shown explicitly. That was a great moment though, turning point. Oh, arguably the dance and bald scenes were flirtatious too. Circle dance was another great moment.
It's established. Ep.24/Ch.85 has Eri thinking about the dance, and she notes that a relationship with Harima is an impossibility given her situation in life - but for a moment, she felt truly happy. It's a pretty significant step for a girl who is normally used to feeling isolated. Incidently, the title of that chapter is "The Turning Point." It doesn't get much more obvious than that.

You could also go with her comments in the dance scene - she admits to it indirectly, if you read carefully. You could argue that she develops an interest much earlier (possibly as early as Ep.14), but she only really admits it to herself at around the time of the Sports Festival.
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