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Originally Posted by Truth-kun
The interest from Eri probably started with the umbrella scene (which all flaggers loved <3). Sadly, the turning point's important lines were cut out of the anime (Will place the dialogue/monologue when I get home), and the anime left a vague impression on Eri's true feelings.

@ Shredder: If you want the complete scenes, I really urge you to read the manga too XD. On why she can't be together with Harima? Two words: True Path (Harima x Tenma). Harima is absolutely obsessed with Tenma up to the latest chapters on the manga that it did no justice to the other factions. Of course the author really loves those triangles, so Tenma x Karasuma is still going strong.

I really hope Hige wakes up from his delusions over Tenma though. Haahaha.

I think harima just pited eri back then knowing she's rich and all and seeing her left by her father alone in the rain. True Path know what they say love is blind. HARIMA EYE!! O_O
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