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Originally Posted by Ukitake13 View Post
My Bad, Dan_87. It was from a YouTube video, I forgot to take that into account. Thanks KNETTER2000.
np, Youtube is not the place to get timings from for gifs.. they differ too much.. this one differed by about ten minutes n the RAW, so a gifmaker would have to go through the entire episode to find that scene.. takes the fun out of making these things if you now what I mean. I already spend too much time on them, cause I wanna make em look as good as I can.

I see you already have had a different border fitted? Borders can be specified in requests too, you know

Originally Posted by Geta Boshi View Post
I would like to Request the Arrancar from 3.09-3.12 .Is the scene where all Arrancar Assemble
Like this?

I thought the end was a bit abrubt, so I made it like this. if you don't like that..
here's the original

timings, delays can all be adjusted, just let me know.
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