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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Psycho-Pass would hardly be the first fictional narrative with megalomaniacal villains who do/say some stupid stuff. Lex Luthor has had some half-baked schemes that Sibyl could never dream of cooking up.

And, really, it's not even necessarily that Sibyl is stupid, per se. They could just be lazy, bored, aloof, or procrastinating by nature. Either one of the above could largely if not entirely account for Sibyl's missteps in Season 2. Does it make them disappointing as antagonists? Yes, probably. So yes, it is a valid criticism to make. But you present the issue as though it completely breaks the narrative. What, villains aren't allowed to be flawed in ways like lazy, bored, aloof, or procrastinating? Villains now have to be perfect, just with the exception of being evil? Not every villain has to be David Xanatos in order for a story to work, in my opinion (though I'll admit it's generally nice for a villain to be very competent like that).
I don't know about breaking, but it's a major flaw in the narrative, especially for someone like me who likes coherent stories with no holes. They knew full well Kamui was a big threat for them because of the information he held, they've been looking for him for a long time, and when they finally catch sight of his tail, they do nothing. They wanted Akane or Togane to kill him, but they don't provide them with the means to do so. What were they expecting? It just doesn't make sense, especially when you consider they already did help Akane in season 1, so clearly, they're not above intervening when they need to. Laziness, boredom or whatever will never explain why they never acted until now in the face of a threat that could have destroyed them. Or why they chose a solution that completely goes against their own principles to prevent Kamui from reaching them instead of one that was a lot easier to put in place and wouldn't have compromised the system.

I'm in no way asking them to be perfect. Good villains are never the ones that are on either of the extremes you mentioned. I just wished for them to act like any being with common sense and self-preservation instinct would. Which they had in the first season.

And those are not the only issues I have with this season. I already complained during season 1 that the later half of it became too much of a Makishima show. Well, this entire season is the Kamui show. Everything revolves around him -who lacks the colorful personality of Makishima and his charisma- and his plan that relies almost completely on coincidences, asspulls (he knows everything about Sibyl, he can magically make drugs that can lower anybody's CC), and the incompetence of the system to work, making him a largely unimpressive antagonist. No other character was truly explored. Togane was only relevant because of his family's connection to Kamui. Nobody received development except perhaps Mika (still waiting to see where this goes), which is nowhere near enough. In season 1, we got to find out about Masaoka, Kogami, Yayoi, and Gino's pasts, and Kogami, Gino and Akane received a lot of development. Here, all of the main characters felt like extras in Kamui's play. People often joked about Yayoi's irrelevance in s1, but in s2, everybody is Yayoi IMO

The only character I feel was handled relatively well was Togane.

It seems to me that Tow Ubukata only has a superficial understanding of makes Urobuchi's works compelling. He seems to think that all you need is to amp up the gore, include more shocking/grotesque moments and to create a supercompetent villain to top him. In truth, what makes Urobuchi's works so good are its characters. Here, there was no character drama whatsoever. Except that pitiful attempt with Akane and her grandma, but it's probably better left unmentioned.

Perhaps he didn't intend for S2 to be similar to S1, but in that case, why copy the premise? It's pretty much the same: a person that can't be judged by the system wants to destroy it. This wouldn't be a problem in itself... if we didn't already know Kamui will fail thanks to the movie synopsis. I believe S2 should have taken another direction, like individuals cases that would have enabled us to learn more about the world of Psycho-pass and would have worked as a complement to the movie, or a more character driven approach focusing on the new cast members.

But with all of the above being said, I think this Season 2 has given us some interesting characters/scenarios, a lot of nicely tense moments, and a lot of sheer fun entertainment. Maybe that's not enough to save Season 2 for you, but I hope you can understand how it can make some viewers, like myself, be a bit more forgiving to the flaws you've pointed to.

Here's something we can probably agree on - Psycho-Pass Season 2 has been much like Guilty Crown.
I can understand why people would like this show, but I very much doubt they like it for the same reasons they liked the first season. That was what I was trying to say with the last sentence. Perhaps this is an excellent show to some people, but it has none of the qualities Psycho Pass had. There were a few good ideas in this season, but they were all horribly executed.

And yep, I can totally agree on it being similar to Guilty Crown.
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