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Just finished episode 4, so I'd like to offer a speculation on Battler's death at the end of the episode. Recall that in red, Beato said; "Ushiromiya Battler, at this time, I will kill you. And right now, there is no one on the island other than you. The only one alive on this island is you. Nothing outside the island can interfere in any way. And of course, I am not you. However, I am here now and will kill you." This statement presents an interesting problem with regards to how he died, as it rules out suicide or accidental death. I'm not sure if anyone's tried tackling it in this thread yet (haven't read 54 pages of replies), but I'll take a guess at it.

Spoiler for A guess:

Spoiler for Furthermore:

I have some ideas how these might factor into earlier episodes, but I'll explain them a bit later.
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