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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Though, doesn't it mean that the player who goes first has an overwhelming advantage? He would definitely get a free trigger with a +1 soul damage. Even though it will be a lvl0, that is bluntly a severe blow.
The player who goes first can only attack once. The second player however can go all out during his turn if he wants.
I don't how much of an advantage the first player has when actually playing, but in theory it doesn't sound inbalanced.

Sounds pretty logic here. And what if the opponent character is in rest mode? Can you still attack it, or you are basically going through?
From my perspective, it seems the rest mode is just there to prevent a card to attack a second time and/or after using an effect that require the character to be tapped.
Yes, you're right. Characters that are resting can still be chosen as an attack target.

Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
The Crusade series has a bit of the same problem as well. Gundam War has some of the best art I've seen for a non Konami Japanese TCG so far though outside of the character cards which still suffer from looking like screenshots in the regular expansions. There are some specialized character card specific expansions though that feature a lot of original artwork though.
Well, there are far too many card games with those screenshot-ish designs, especially all those spin-offs from animes like Naruto CG, Bleach CG etc.

The other Japanese card game I am playing, Lyce, does that a lot better IMO. Every artwork is done by various artists specially for the card game and only some special cards have official artworks. That way, the design is rather consequent, not to mention you have a lot of pretty arts you've never seen before (though that may vary due to personal likes and dislikes since there are quite a lot of different artists).
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