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Originally Posted by Discerptor View Post
There's a significant jump between "stuff of legend" and "more powerful than [...] probably all of them put together." Hiruzen was the stuff of legend in his prime, but I don't see him beating all the current Kage combined.
Hiruzen isn't even close to this kind of power, as the first on screen Kage he's the one who suffered most from power inflation so that's not much of a point you just made there.
But it was after they knew he had 7 of the 9 bijuu compared to the rest of the ninja world's one with Killer Bee missing. Given the state of Konoha after Pain's attack, mobilizing the other nations to protect Naruto and stop Tobi from completing a plan he didn't actually need to do that much more to accomplish was the only logical thing to do. Madara's name is legendary now, but you're talking about an age where the only people who actually remember him were children when he was alive.
No we're talking about Oonoki who actually fought him and wondered why Tobi even needed to make convoluted plan since he should have been able to come and do to them whatever he wanted if he really was Madara. And that's just to quote the one guy who knew first hand what Madara's power meant back then because the author have had half a dozen of others characters making a case of Madara and Hashirama's power being so much beyond anyone else that they cannot even be compared to "regular" Kage.
He used the Rinnegan to drop two meteors on Oonoki's face as well as avoid being curbstomped a matter of seconds after whipping out his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan against two Kages + a Naruto clone + nameless fodder that stopped being useful the moment he started using his regular Sharingan. He's also used Susanoo's full abilities during this fight, launching projectile attacks as well as using its close-range abilities for defense and a combination attack with Hashirama's pollen, far beyond anything we've seen Itachi or Sasuke do with it. Claiming that he's not using all of his abilities is disingenuous.

Madara has a lot of hype, but based on what we've actually seen, I'm disappointed. He's ridiculously powerful in his current state, but his original powers certainly weren't godly, as evidenced by how quickly he had to start using the Rinnegan and the fact that even with all his extra powers he still took a blow from Tsunade that would have literally destroyed him if not for Edo Tensei.
I said he didn't make real use of it, not that he didn't use it at all. He used it to wipe out the ~15 thousands fodders and didn't use it once since he is fighting the 5 Kages at the same time. Susanoo's full abilities? What chapter was that? He has only used partially formed and uncloacked stage of Susanoo for the moment, both Itachi and Sasuke have used more advanced forms.
There is nothing disingenuous in stating that Madara hasn't used all his abilities when it's a blatant fact. Since the 5 Kages have arrived, Madara has only used initial stage of Susanoo, Mokuton and a few Katon. No Genjutsu or higher MS jutsu, no EMS and no Rinnengan jutsu. He also took no damage from Tsunade, she fell for his clone and was gutted.
What is however disingenuous is claiming that he would have been "curbstomped in a matter of seconds" against Oonoki+Gaara+Naruto's clone+ fodder army because he used a Rinnengan jutsu at his disposal. It's as disingenuous as claiming that he couldn't fight the Kage without Mokuton because he's using it against them now. If he hadn't those power then he would use something else is all.

We have at this point 3 main battles going on simultaneously, all three with Doujutsu users, all three must have a different taste. MS and EMS's power will be showcased with Itachi and Sasuke, Rinnengan's regular jutsu will probably be showcased by Tobi and Madara is showing off Mokuton.

edit :
Originally Posted by Discerptor View Post
This depends on whether the Mokuton clone was substituted in before or after her punch, I suppose. Either way, he still took a Jinton beam to the chest and his own meteor to the everything, both of which he was only able to recover from as a result of the Edo Tensei regeneration. He's definitely been making good use of it.
The clone was sealed before Tsunade even touched the ground, it was substituted after Oonoki & Raikage along with Tsunade punched his Susanoo to the ground and Oonoki's Jinton beam barely grazed Madara's cloth and shoulder. The only attack that really damaged his body is his own meteor and that's because from his own words he didn't even bother to avoid damage.
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