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i liked how kish tried to scare us into thinking tsunade actually had a chance in hell of beating madara. and a new forbidden unseen jutsu from her is not gonna cut it. and trust me we know forbidden jutsu have a heavy price, (Her life). and after all the will of talk, i guess it doesnt work on kabuto created edo-tensei huh. the fact is kishi is setting up the forgiveness of sasuke. the uchiha bros will somehow save everyone by taking down kabuto and thus madara, the word will get out and operation save sasuke will be completed. tsunade defeating madara YEAH RIGHT.
If you dislike Tsunade so much then maybe you should skip the next one or two chapters, because she will most likely continue to fight Madara and show him how the will of fire can make her stronger than she was supposed to be just by looking at her genetic abilities. One of the main themes of this manga is that just because you are not genetically as good as someone else you can still become better than him if you have a strong will and determination and so you work hard. She didn't inherit the physical power of her grandfather so she invented a special technique based on very precise chakra control and she became very strong, she didn't inherit her grandfather's ability to regenerate so she invented a self regeneration jutsu based on chakra stored in the seal on her forehead and who knows what other medical jutsu.

In the end she will be saved by Itachi or someone else, but in these 1 or 2 chapters she is the hero who is placed in the spotlight. These are her 15 minutes of glory in this war.
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