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Originally Posted by SoFarGone View Post
Is Mayumi and the other graduating students going to show up less often?
Well, they are going to college and the series is supposedly mostly focused on the magic high school. I doubt that they'll be written out of the story, but it's not like they will be mentioned every chapter or something (which is what has happened to this point). On the other side of the coin, new characters are going to come later want it or not. That's one of the reasons of why I never thought of the Kaichou as the end girl for Tatsuya (if there is going to be such a thing).

Also, considering the one-sidedly rivalry that the guy from the 10th family has with Tatsuya, I'd figure that something really big is going to happen before they graduate..... There is no way that that is going to end without a fight, specially when Tatsuya apparently labeled him as the guy that would be the hardest for him to take out within school (meaning, with his restrictions on, probably).
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