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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
sky black swordman@ Wait ...slow down here. Why you soo death set to make Rias a manipulative girl?.We know pretty well why she don't want ise do go there and also why she bring asia back to life.Honestly i don't really know why you try to make both ise and rias what they are not. If you think Rias is this kind of character you really need to re-read the whole ln. Because seem to me we see a different character.
Also i was sure we already agree that not was because the SG and Ddraig that she bring him back to life.And we back to square one? Really it seems you are looking for thing that are not here.
I know Sorry about that Soji. I will drop it because I know Rias and Issei Characters well and I know that I try to make both ise and rias what they are not and looking for things that are not there sorry about that. I will reflect on this soji.
And no I dont need to Re read the whole LN I know.
I know Ise is not like that .
And I know Rias is not like that and she is not a a manipulative girl.

The only time when she look like she could was in vol 7 with Ross but then that show us how good she is at buying someone off or bribing someone and may also show us she may have a promising career as sales woman.

Well then on to a new topic then. has anybody got one?
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