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Oye, trying to ask even simple questions gets such a well balanced response.

My point is thus:Carve-tan, who may very well still be at it, does indeed suffer from the long term effects. Mao and Euphie both die within an hour or so of recieving their unending Geass, so we do not actually know the persistent long term effects of the geass in their case. Euphie's incident is certainly suggestive, being that it can't be overcome, but she didn't even have time to sleep on it. Suzaku is our only long term survivor, and frankly the geass has not prevented him from taking serious risks, it only kicks in when he's clearly about to die, and even then I don't recall seeing anything when Lelouch nearly shoots him.

Anyways, all this just to say that Lelouch's unwillingness to give persistent orders may not be nearly as squeaky clean as it gets attributed. Whatever.
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