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Originally Posted by Killer Bee View Post
I dunno.

But I know you can miss, which means that it has to travel a distance and not just instantly be upon you.

I don't think its a matter of being as fast as an eye. We don't know how fast the amaterasu travels once its cast. So we don't know what kind of speed is necessary to avoid it. If it truly is just an invisible jutsu like Ino's mind transfer, then it can be avoided.

That was my point.

And if it is chakra, which every ninjutsu is, then it can be seen by a Hyuuga member. And they can move fast thanks to their spinning techniques.
Makes sense, not so sure about the missing, I think it's more a lack of controll of the technique but yeah it isn't impossible to dodge(that would kind of ruin the manga).

What we should consider is two ninja's, with no other technique than the eye on it's most developed state. Wich one would win? Clearly the sharingan, so the sharingan is stronger altough it doesn't mean a byakugan user can't beat a sharingan user.
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