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Originally Posted by Kenshin_Uchiha View Post
But this is the whole concept of the thread, wich one is stronger, not a sasuke vs neiji clash or any other user of the techniques. In my opinion I would rather have the sharingan, because on it's own it is a weapon made of "hax" and win.

From what we know, (maybe there is more to the byakugan) the sharingan is much more complete, it enables the user to use some of the most powerfull attacks in the anime, it gives you the capacity to read your opponents movements, great defense. And it has the added bonus of copying jutsus on the fly.
But in order to have the sharingan, you'd either have to A). be extremely lucky(Like Kakashi), or B). be a member of the Uchiha clan, and those people breed psychoes for a living.
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