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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Or it could mean that the defences can be used with the Barrier generated by the Jacket, as we saw absolutely no visible Barrier present.
Oh, by that standard, Barrier jackets don't have barriers. We don't see it either.

Though I do wonder what the booklet has to say about this:
Spoiler for Hide your images:
(or is this the booklet that you translated?)
That's the translated section. Match up the katakana.

As for the PM, I found one more piece to debunk your 'stadias determine all' ground. Remember Nanoha's shot in 07? Remember how you said that according to stadia that shot was only 16 m/s?
Ahh, man, you don't even know what you are attacking. The stadia is to calculate distance. The time is counted (with six seconds, there's little point in frame nitpicking), D/T=V.

The booklet data clearly states that Divine Buster Extension has 'shocking speed' now, we've seen magic in Nanoha that move a lot faster, and yet DBE is noted to have shocking speed? This makes no sense if we listen to stadias, yet if we follow animation techniques, and simply say that the shot was slowed for dramatic effect, then lot of things start to make sense.

For one, the speed was indeed 'shocking', bridging the distance between Nanoha and Vita in a flash.

Secondly, it also explains why Vita, a battle hardened veteran, didn't just sidestep the attack, she never had the chance to do so.
Leaving aside the speed of the round for a moment, Vita should have been taking evasive action while Nanoha was charging. What kind of battle vet does nothing while the enemy charges. Or do you want to time compress the charge time too? Come to think of it, what kind of battle vet does not try to conceal herself when doing a time wasting maneuver? There are plenty of woods down there...

See? Things that simply look moronic following stadia suddenly make perfect sense.
Claiming Animation Technique is a request to throw away a piece of evidence. A solution made using this method is never "perfect".

Anyway, something has to bend.

"Shocking speed". For what? For 99% of the battle mages (remember that we are tracking the story of the 3 top mages, so we'll see a disproportionate percentage of "absurd" or "shocking" abiliities)? For a round of such power? For a round that has to reach the "extreme" distance? Maybe it is just the opinion of the writer of the Magical Dictionary? If the "battle vet" Vita can be excused for not thinking a shot can be made that far at all, could not the Dictionary's writer be excused for using overly optimistic adjectives* for the speed?

*The Dictionary's writer is explicitly known not to be omniniscent - not the author, for example. Regularly appearing in both the A's and StrikerS' dictionary are terms like "X is thought to be" and even "completely unknown" (see the bottom of the same page you are looking at). While it makes it an authority in SoD terms, it also says that on any item, it can simply be wrong, especially if the anime clearly shows otherwise...

"But you are just shafting the Dictionary instead of the Anime!" Maybe, but since we are explicitly told that the Dictionary is imperfect, it is automatically subordinate to the nominally perfect anime if they conflict anyway. At least I'm trying to give it some SoD context, unlike Keroko, who is eager to shaft the anime. In short, Keroko might have a King, but I have an Ace in my hand

By the way, in being very eager to score a blow on stadia ranging - even though the best his argument could hope for is to score a blow on timing, Keroko missed a chance to win the Ace as well, thus taking a jackpot which includes something I know he wants. If the answer is not obvious, do spend a few minutes before clicking "Show spoiler" if you wish to see it:
Spoiler for The answer:
Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Among others, even in the DVD version, in which the far-off shots are more forcefull and faster, there is still the 'acute deceleration' whenever we get a close-up on the face, so unless Fate and Tre can decelerate and re-acelerate in the timespan of zero seconds (and why the hell would they do that?), this again proves my point.
Remember what is the base and what is moving. Hint: The close-ups are key.
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