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Originally Posted by silviachan
I'll try Mizuiro, D.C. and Kimi nozo ASAP. They seem to be very beautiful, but there are soooo many kanjis I don't know...
Though I actually imported the DVD version of Mizuiro a year ago or so, you can probably find it floating around the 'net somewhere. There is a translation project going for the DVD version, though it pretty much completely stopped after the Hiyori scenario ended. The project page for that is here.

One game translation that I'm looking forward to is the Wind translation that's being worked on. project page.

Originally Posted by kj1980
Other heart-warming school life ero-games from D.O. that pops up in my mind are:

"Hoshizora Planet," "Restore," "Yukizakura," and the most recent one: "Umi no Michi"
I really didn't like the art style in Hoshizora Planet. I can't say a whole lot about the game, though.
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